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I used to do Internet Consultancy and currently working
on my own The Local Company web trilogy project.

World traveler, pioneer of the Internet, self-employed since the 1990's, detached from society, in contact with the invisible, still single with no children, I am fortunate to be able to do what I want & when I want. Moved to Europe from 1999/2004 then Asia from 2006/2012 and still traveling since.

Currently in Canada updating my network in HTML5 before leaving for Australia or the Himalayas to complete my world tour with sole objective of finding the path that will lead me to inner peace, and thus be able to be smiling the day of my death. In the meantime, I like challenges and would like to hear from you...

But what do I do exactly ?

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I am a believer that : "Science and technology coupled with people of good will is one way to solve hunger and poverty worldwide" ... and working on this theory.

Friends are calling me : "International" Steven

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I love travelling, I go to eat when I'm hungry, I go to sleep when I'm tired...
Other than that, I'm behind the computer or traveling between 2 destinations.

Steven Quebec

Steven Quebec

Stvn Brgs
Steven Vietnam

Steven Vietnam

Karat Master
Steven Thailand

Steven Thailand

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Steven Cambodia

Steven Cambodia


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Mrktng Sstm

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Steven Bourgeois


Lac Ferre

I am leaving a window open for new opportunities.
Feel free to contact if you have a challenge for me !

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On a personal side ...

Worldwide insanities

Worldwide insanities

As suspected, the world went insane and it's going to get worst before it gets better so I changed most of my priorities, my goals, my daily activities and lot of other stuff (*mostly for the best) I now want a piece of land where I can grow my food and will prepare for that in the next 4 years... Lockdown is gone, beach and restaurants have re-open, I got new plants, ton's of essential oils on their way and I keep growing my pinch.

Lockdown in paradise

Lockdown in paradise

Same shit different day. We're still in a lockdown in Thailand paradise and I keep growing my hair. I miss play pool + my daily massages and don't like wearing a mask. They closed access to the beach but my building have the only open pool in town so I am grateful for that, and grateful to not watching TV and living in fear like the masses.

No shave in 6 weeks

No shave in 6 weeks

I don't believe the madness out there. TV programming victims are way more numerous than we can imagine... I don't know how long this insanity will keep going on. Everything happens in synchronicity, there are no accidents or coincidences, everything is connected... We're going through a massive shift and this is just the beginning of the ascension of human consciousness and the planet.

Kartra + doTERRA = Rivolution

Kartra + doTERRA = Rivolution

Now that I reached my goal (*retired visa in Thailand) I asked myself "Now What?" and it took me 2 months to find the purpose of my life, and not just a new goal and new project... I find it quite amusing that I got "back to work" at 50 years old, after +2 years of being in a retirement mindset.

Focus on plants and essential oils

Focus on plants and essential oils

They doing a paint job on my building which forced me to put my balcony plants inside my room and it looks quite good so I decided to keep them there. (+60 now) otherwise... I keep studying about essential oils and heading for a certification. The more I'm getting into this and the more I feel, the more I appreciate to be who I am, knowing that I am that I am.

Cleaning the ladies closet

Cleaning the ladies closet

I have UNinstalled Tinder and ThaiFriendly from my phone as these games leads me nowhere. I also went on Messenger and delete ALL of Pattaya ladies in my list and did the same with all contacts on LINE and I feel so much better. Cleaning the closet to make room for new stuff and focus on what I want.

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